Can we help?


We befriend individuals and families whose lives are troubled and stressful. Sometimes this is crisis intervention but more often help is long-term.

Unpacking furniture

We have a store of groceries and can help in an emergency, especially when there are children who might go hungry.

Donating furniture

With our van and team of volunteer drivers we collect donated furniture and other household items and take them to families both when they are first moving into a new home and later if they cannot afford to replace equipment.

Bedding and baby clothes

We collect and distribute items such as cots, buggies and baths for the new baby and have a store of baby and children's clothes.

Seaside adventures

Each year we organise a New Year Party for parents and children, a seaside outing for children aged 6-11, and we send youngsters to activity camps during the summer holiday.

Bert Hyde, our founder, "One of God's diamonds"