Why Christian CARE matters

In the attic of a 3-bedroomed terraced house in March 2016 I met Grace, Amy (2) and new-born Beth (names changed) referred to Christian CARE as an ‘uncomplicated’ family. Already the Baby Project had provided everything for Beth’s birth. Eleven other people lived in the house sharing a tiny kitchen and bathroom. Grace was sad, depressed, hungry and lonely. For 5 months I visited her fortnightly taking food, nappies, and an Oyster.

In May they were evicted and sent, with no assistance at all, to a small room in Lewisham which contained only a bed. Arriving at 8pm with only £5, Grace bought a sheet and a teaspoon. We had paid for her taxi from Merton and the next day we took food, kitchen basics and bedding. This proved an unsafe environment with violent neighbours, so Grace was sent to a small mice-infested room in Brixton. I continued visiting as she still had no social worker or benefits.

We found a solicitor to prevent her removal to ‘far, cold’ Durham and another to help with immigration issues. After a year Grace, granted status and benefits, was re-housed by Lambeth; she was overjoyed. We saw Grace and the girls at our New Year Party and they had a great day on our family outing to Littlehampton in July.

In August 2018 helped by friends, Grace moved to a 2-bedroomed flat in Birmingham. With promised help for childcare, things are really looking up for her. Grace has blossomed into a positive, determined and fun-loving mother who cares for her children beautifully. In response to our £50 voucher towards equipping her flat, she texted: ‘Thank you soo much for everything, we do really appreciate you. We are very happy here so don’t worry too much about us. We will go to church this Sunday and meet other people from Ghana. A big thank you to all the wonderful people at Christian Care.’

Clare Gray

Bert Hyde, our founder, “One of God’s diamonds”
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