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Christian CARE is a charity working in the London Borough of Merton. We are a group of 60 volunteers, many from churches of different denominations across Merton, who want to show care and concern for our neighbours as Jesus did. We are supported by churches, schools, women’s groups and many individuals in the Borough and across the UK. We welcome and offer help to anyone whatever their race, colour or religion. Each year we support around 160 families whose lives are in crisis.

Family Support Coordinator

Christian CARE is offering an exciting and rewarding volunteering opportunity to lead the team providing food for families in need in Merton. For information go to our Volunteering page.

AGM 2020

The Annual General Meeting was held via Zoom on 24 November. Invitations were restricted to Members of Christian CARE as there are currently more than 200 of them and the agenda reduced to the essential elements. The meeting was held virtually to enable the charity to file its annual return to the Charity Commission and one of the items on the agenda was the addition of extra clauses to its Constitution so that it will be possible to hold meetings virtually in future should the need arise. Six Trustees were re-elected.

The Annual Report which contains an abbreviated version of the accounts for the year 2019-20 can be found on the website. Ann Thimont, the Treasurer, presented the accounts to the meeting and Gillian Thick, the CARE Coordinator, reviewed the achievements of the past year and indicated the ways the charity had managed to fulfil its core objectives during the Covid-19 pandemic. Jane Savill, the Chair, thanked all volunteers and the many individual supporters, churches and organisations that have made financial contributions including the Admiral Trust. She hoped that the development of vaccines would make it possible to hold an in-person AGM in 2021 with the usual input from outside speakers.

To download our latest Annual Report, please click Annual Report 2020.

Covid-19 Update

In Christian CARE we want, in every way we can, to continue to care for and support all our families and our volunteers, and to work alongside other organisations to reach out to the local community. However for everyone’s safety we have to follow government advice and this has meant changes to our services.


We closed the OFFICE on 19 March 2020 and it remains closed with the members of the CARE Committee and the Administrator working from home. You can contact us through the Office email - christiancaremerton@gmail.com or by phoning the mobile 07932 628840.

Please do not use the Office phone or the Furniture Project mobile.


We are continuing BEFRIENDING families and keeping in touch with our volunteers by phone, email and text.

Our FURNITURE PROJECT is offering a limited service due to social distancing regulations. With just a few members of the team going out, we are not collecting any donations of furniture but are making doorstep deliveries where we can, because we know how much this service is needed.

We are continuing our FAMILY SUPPORT and the work of the BABY, CHILDREN’S and HOUSEHOLD PROJECT, with strict adherence to social distancing guidelines. We know that this means so much for many families. If we are unable to help due to the number of our volunteers self-isolating at the moment because of age or health issues, we will try to signpost you to another of the amazing groups which have come together in Merton to serve the community in this emergency.

We are sorry that we cannot accept donations of food, second hand clothes, bedding or toys for safety reasons but for ways you can donate and share in our work…

…please click here for a list of our Covid-19 needs

GDPR - Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy has been updated, to reflect the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came into effect in May 2018. We detail how we collect, store and handle your personal data to reassure you that your data is safe with us. Please click here for our Privacy statement

Complaints Procedure

The Christian Care Association is committed to providing the best possible service to all with whom it comes into contact - clients, volunteers and organisations. If any Christian CARE Association action or failure to act has had an adverse effect on you, you have a right to complain. Usually a word with the person concerned will suffice should a problem arise. However, we recognise that from time to time there may be occasions where clients, volunteers or organisations feel that the quality of service falls short of what they could reasonably expect. We want to know about these occasions so that we can resolve the problem and plan to avoid its repetition.

For complaints specifically related to a breach of data privacy, see our Privacy Policy.

For further information please contact our Honorary Secretary.

Bert Hyde, our founder, “One of God’s diamonds”
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