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Christian CARE is a charity working in the London Borough of Merton, committed to the relief of poverty within this borough. We are a group of 60 volunteers, many from churches of different denominations across Merton, who want to show care and concern for our neighbours as Jesus did. We are supported by churches, schools, women’s groups and many individuals in the Borough and across the UK. We welcome and offer help to anyone whatever their race, colour or religion. Each year we support around 100 families whose lives are in crisis.

New beginnings with renewed purpose and hope

This is a time of change in Christian CARE. Our CARE Coordinator, Gillian Thick, will retire on Friday 22 March 2024 after tirelessly steering CCA for so many years.

Message from Gillian

It has been a great privilege to be involved in Christian CARE over many years and to be able to continue the work of those, most of them known to me personally, who had the vision to begin this charity in 1967. I have been inspired by meeting and collaborating with those from other charities and in the caring professions in Merton who work tirelessly for the improvement of life in the community.

I have shared with so many committed and caring volunteers in Christian CARE to whom I am so grateful, for without them we would simply would not have been able to offer support to hundreds of families and to witness exciting changes in the lives of parents and children.

I am delighted to commend you to my successor Jenny Clayton who, in the new role of Executive Manager, joins CCA with much experience and lots of energy and new ideas.   Thank you for all your kind messages and good wishes on my retirement. I send my prayers for the continuing and developing work of Christian CARE into the future. 


Message from Jenny

I’m delighted to join Christian CARE. I’m keen to continue the wonderful work of Christian CARE and to embrace new ideas. I can be contacted via the contact page on Christian CARE website or direct by email: jenny.clayton@christiancaremerton.org.uk


Children’s and Families’ Activities Coordinator

Could YOU be the advocate for the children in the charity? When families are struggling with poverty, the children often feel different because they lack so much that their peers take for granted. With the support of your committed team of 4 volunteers and other occasional helpers, you would make sure that each of the children had a present for Christmas and that their birthdays were remembered. You would open up opportunities for a day outing, a party, a theatre visit and, maybe for some, a summer activities camp place. You would liaise with the other Coordinators to ensure holistic, practical caring was at hand to ensure that urgent needs were met throughout the year, for example for clothes and school uniforms.

This is a most rewarding role where you can share the joy of the families, experience the camaraderie of your fellow volunteers and see the immediate impact of your work.

For a role description and an application form, click on the links below. To find out more contact Jenny Clayton, CARE Coordinator by email jenny.clayton@christiancaremerton.org.uk or by phone 07932 628 840

Christian CARE in the community

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Annual Reports are normally issued just prior to the AGM, which is held each autumn. To see or download any particular report (available in PDF form) please go to our Annual Reports page.

Bert Hyde, our founder, “One of God’s diamonds”
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